Quality and Function

Our ability to manufacture top quality CASE good products is what we build our reputation on. We provide top quality workmanship and it shows. We love to provide our customers with highly functional space utilization that can do much so much more than you ever dreamed.

Custom and Affordable

These two words are rarely used in the same sentence. We are here to change that! The unique tools and software we have at our disposal allow us to customize your space with very limited constraints. We leverage modern software and equipment to provide customized solutions at a fair rate.

Reliable Timelines

Time will make or break just about anything. Our ability to produce large volumes of quality work in short order allow us to maintain customer schedules from the initiation of the contract onward. When we give you our word, we stick to it, simple as that. All we ask in return is to have your site ready for us when we arrive!


Our customers and clients usually come to us when they are embarking on an exciting project in their lives. It might be a kitchen or bathroom rework they have always dreamed about. We also work heavily with other designers and architects and provide consistent quality results for their clients. Either way, our clients our faced with making decisions on huge number of things in short order.


Enter Vonmod.


We assist in our clients in a way that makes this complex process fun and easy. We provide comprehensive services from design through manufacturing and installation. This means Turnkey service start to finish. Our contract ends when your job is complete and you are happy. Nothing is more rewarding to us than to have thrilled customers who come back over and over.


Once you work with us through our specific series of steps, its hard to think about doing it any other way. We have applied years of experience into a smooth project flow that can effectively shorten project duration, improve communication between all parties involved. The net result – a better finished product for the owner which is our primary concern.


Our expert staff are here to assist you, get to know you a bit and have fun along the way. We enjoy providing our customers a seamless experience where the stress of coordinating multiple subs and budgets is no longer an issue. We can lock down our numbers, our timeline and our clients expectations on each and every project.


Come to Vonmod and see for yourself how our experience is different than most. Our friendly staff is here to help. We can quickly and effectively produce concept pricing from your existing plans and elevations. If you need an interior designer or an Architect to help you with layout and site measurements, we can recommend someone as well.  We are here to help as much or as little as your project requires. We pride ourselves on our diversity of talents that make our approach and our process unique.